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       Oil Services:

         For the Oil & Gas field, Abyar Group has established the "Abyar Oil Services Company" that is separately registered under the laws of Iraq and working under the umbrella of Abyar group.
         Abyar Oil Services Company is a fully integrated service company that provides services to the oil and gas industries with the goal of becoming the most trusted and reliable service 
        company in Middle East. We have designed our service offering to be tailor made to the individual needs of our clients. This means that we are flexible to take on any pi ece of work.


    Abyar Oil Services Company has the fleet of equipment that includes Cranes (120 ton, 100 ton, 80m ton, 50 ton) Trailers (40 ton) low-beds, Long trailers (Pipe carriers 24 meter), Forklifts 
    (15 ton, 10 ton) and qualified operators that have specialized trainings and experience in oil field for rig move for more than 10 years.Abyar was engaged in Rig move services with PETROCHINA IRAQ
    in Halfaya Missan Oil fields and have certified equipment and qualified staff (Truck Pushers, tool Pushers, Slingers, workers) to conduct rig move activities all over the Iraq.


   Our flexible, efficient and cost-effective hiring options locally and internationally includes a wide spread of categories available for both short-term and long-term jobs. We are experts in recruiting the
   following positions, but not limited to these.


   Our goal is to meet all your transportation needs with a full range of services, experience and commitment. Our transportation solutions are custom-made to fit your business model. We 
   are fast and efficient,
   with an emphasis on customer service. With experienced and qualified drivers, we have containers, trailers and low beds to transport your equipment and material throughout the Iraq by road with full
   safety and security.

   We have excellent relationship with port authorities to transport the logistics after custom clearance from port authorities.


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