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            ●Design, Consultancy and Construction of Khoura Mall Basra Iraq with UNIPRO ITALIA.



             ●Construction of Cable stayed Bridge over Shat-Al-Arab waterway Tanumma-Basra Iraq with maeg costruzioni spa.



        other project.
  1. Establishing an information room's.
  2. Construction of a street and a car gas filling station.
  3. contract to supply, install and operate surveillance cameras.
  4. Rehabilitation of the Baladah storage yard to the rehabilitation of the roof.
  5. shed construction.
  6. Contract for welding (polyethylene) pipe.
  7. Treatment of cracks and Altsvsfat in floors and streams.
  8. Rehabilitation and maintenance
  9. Supplying iron and tin sections to construct a bridge.
  10. Restoration works.
  11. Supply and installation of a water station.
  12. Create stores.
  13. Equipping a protection device (firewall) protection (servers)
  14. Import and Planting Station(RO).
  15. Transformer Oil processing.
  16. Nitrogen Station.

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