"Structural Engineers must possess both imagination and common-sense; blend innovation with experience; balance safety and economy…and create exciting structures."

We do this and much more.

ABYAR GROUP, one single interlocutor for the end-to-end execution of a project

  • We have provided innovative engineering and design solutions to our construction industry clients in both private and public sector.
  • We provide world-class solutions for our client's engineering designs needs, including all type of civil engineering and commercial & industrial construction. Abyar's structural engineers provide high quality design, working with some of the best engineering designs teams in the country and abroad.
  • We create properly considered, fully detailed solutions for building design, general structures and the wider built environment. Our thorough and client-focused approach leads to high levels of customer satisfaction as a matter of routine.
  • We apply our skill and experience as structural engineers to infrastructure, commercial and residential projects. We carry out engineering design and consultancy work for new buildings, existing buildings, structural maintenance and special projects of construction and Oil sector. We also provide a range of services dedicated to the needs of clients/ contractors.

As a multidisciplinary Engineering Office, we handle all services related to the implementation of a project:

  • Studies (feasibility study, design study, preliminary study and preliminary draft, detailed study, execution study…)
  • Project management
  • Business consultancy
  • Construction management (EPCM)
  • Building commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance


  • We understand and appreciate that in most instances it makes sense to separate between contractor related work and design affairs. However, we also realize that in certain circumstances this may not necessarily be the case. Some clients choose to involve us in the design process in order to have a contractor’s insight on how practical certain designs would be.
  • Consequently, minor adjustments and redesigns can save millions of dollars. Furthermore, many of our clients go as far as affording us the opportunity to suggest alternatives or enhancements to original designs.
  • In the past, we have helped our clients to develop creative and innovative designs on the architectural and structural, fronts. Whatever the needs of our clients, we like to believe that we keep their best interests at the center of our attention
  • Many clients choose to contract our services on a pure consultancy basis. Our team of consultants includes MEP Consultant, Civil and Structural Consultants, Architects, Interior Designers, and Planners. Whether it is a specific construction query, or one that is more general in nature, Abyar’s team of consultants will be more than happy to assist you whatever your needs.
  • Our database of suppliers and network of specialist consultants, technicians, and craftsmen will ensure that we have an answer for any query on your mind, regardless of its technical sophistication or uniqueness.
When it comes to the world’s most challenging engineering design and construction projects, Abyar Group is the go-to engineering design company for technically innovative results.